enhancing your quality of life

enhancing your quality of life

Are you experiencing anxiety?

Is pain wreaking havoc in your life?

Are you feeling sleep deprived?

We have solutions.

Best of Health

Discovering the Bowen Technique over 12 years ago changed my life and created a passion in me to help people get set free from their chronic pain and debilitating symptoms.

Theresa Hanger

RMT and Bowen Practitioner – Best of Health Inc. Founder

Our Services

Bowen Therapy

Pain Relief

Relieves Stress

Helps Insomnia



Virtual EMDR Therapy

Essential Oils; and more…

Massage Therapy


Increase Mobility

Improves Circulation

What Our Clients Say About Us

Mental Well-Being

My husband, both our children and I have been seeing Theresa for years. She has treated us for concussions, tailbone injuries, anxiety, joint pain, headaches, and digestion issues. Each visit feels like a treat for our mental well-being. We are so grateful!

Amy Baxter

Never Too Late

Bowen has given me back my life. I am free from chronic pain and the worry of living out my life depressed and immobile. Theresa fixed a 30-year-old problem – It’s never too late! My husband told me he has his wife back.

Doreen Thibeault

Chronic Migraines

I am someone who struggles with chronic migraines. Theresa cared about getting to the root of the issue. After a few sessions the frequency of the headaches have gone down quite drastically. It feels like night and day.

Mike Teskey