Bowen Technique

What is Bowen Technique?

Bowen Technique is a non-invasive bodywork therapy that stimulates the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and promotes neuromuscular re-patterning. The ANS regulates 80% of the body’s functions and is chronically over-stimulated in most people; sometimes due to trauma, and often in response to the cumulative pressures of everyday living in a stressful world. These stresses can create imbalances in the body which lead to pain and chronic conditions.

Unlike other bodywork modalities, Bowen Technique facilitates the body’s own healing mechanisms rather than imposing correction through manual manipulation. Often called the homeopathy of bodywork, Bowen utilizes a series of subtle inputs to stimulate tissue and nerve pathways in a way that signals the body to heal and re-balance itself.

Who Can Benefit?

Bowen Therapy can benefit clients of all ages – from children to the elderly, pregnant women, the disabled, athletes, and the chronically ill.

Except in rare cases, there are no contraindications to Bowen Technique, so if you want to improve the function of your body, increase your athletic and mental performance, and enjoy a healthier life, Bowen is for you.

Bowen Therapy Has Been Shown to Help:

  • Acute and/or chronic muscle pain
  • Sports injuries including knee, ankle, foot problems
  • Pelvic problems/Hip pain/Sciatica
  • Shoulder problems/Numbness in hands/frozen shoulder
  • Neck problems – stiffness or restricted mobility
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • TMJ/ Sinus problems / Earaches
  • Carpal Tunnel/ Tennis Elbow
  • Digestive/Bowel Issues
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia
  • Hormonal Imbalances

…And many other conditions!

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Testimonials – Bowen Technique

“I came for a treatment about several physical issues, back pain, leg and foot cramps, dizziness, carpel tunnel and circulation problems. After just 3 treatments, I was already feeling a great deal of relief. I’ve been getting treatment for almost 2 years and Best of Health Massage Therapy has made me feel like a new person. My body now functions normally. It has kept all my issues at bay. I highly recommend this treatment to everyone.”
L.H., Retired – Age 69

“Oh my gosh! Where do I start? I came to Theresa because of chronic pain in my back, arms, neck, legs and feet. She has treated me for everything including ringing in the ears and headaches. I can’t believe the relief Bowen has given me. I don’t need to take near as much medication for my back. I’ve had a total of 33 hours of surgery to date. Now with Bowen I can be kept comfortable and have my quality of life back. Thank You Theresa. You are the best!”
Gaetanne Tyrer, Payroll Admin – Age 57

“Bowen Therapy has allowed me to remain very active into my mid 50’s. During the winter I play close to 80 hockey games as well as golf throughout the summer months. This form of therapy has decreased those chronic little aches and pains within my joints and back. Increasing my mobility which in turn allows me to remain active and healthy.”
Greg Lockert, Manager – Age 54

“I love, love, love my Bowen Treatments. My Plantar Fasciitis gone after 3 treatments, which is why I started going, then for all my other aches and pains. I have tried Physio, Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic and Medications and nothing has come close to helping like Bowen. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose but maybe some pain!”
Sandy Nelson

“Bowen Therapy has given me back my life. I am free from chronic pain and the worry of living out my life depressed and immobile. Theresa has restored my hope in leading a productive pain and drug free life. Theresa fixed a 30-year-old problem – It’s never too late! My husband told me he has his wife back.”
Doreen Thibeault, Event Planner – Age 57

“At the age of 26 I was having severe pain in my lower back/sacrum, which radiated down my left leg. I also had numbness on the outside of my calf and foot. I was diagnosed with scoliosis, and a compressed disc which affected L5-S1 of my spine, as well as spinal stenosis. This caused sciatica. This affected how I walked, as my body would try to compensate for the pain, resulting in an imbalanced pelvis. At it’s worst I was unable to get out of bed in the morning and required the help of another. Once standing, the pain would be excruciating. The only thing that would reduce the pain was walking, but I would have to ease into it. After 30-40 minutes of walking, the pain would subside to the point where I could function. The pain changed as time went on, and I was able to get up independently, but it was still intense. I was no longer able to sleep for longer than 1-3 hours at a time, as I would wake up in pain and the only thing that would help is walking. I went to a Chiropractor 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks, but had minimal improvement. I went to a different Chiropractor 2-3 times a week for 6 weeks, but again only had minimal improvement. I was told by my Doctor that the pain should only last 6-8 weeks, but it had now been 12 weeks. My Doctor suggested Physiotherapy. I was at a breaking point with my pain and decided to try it. The therapist was sympathetic, but even after she did everything she could to help reduce the pain, I left in the same amount of pain I went in with, with no further instruction on how to reduce the pain. Completely discouraged, I was at a loss. A co-worker strongly recommended I get in touch with Theresa. I had never heard of Bowen Therapy before, but Theresa took the time to explain everything to me over the phone, and listened to my story. I had stopped every alternative therapy, and tried Bowen. Bowen worked. Theresa helped my body heal, and though it took time, I can honestly say that most days I have no pain, and when I do, it’s bearable without any medication. She’s a kind hearted, sympathetic and professional woman who works hard and cares hard. Through her work with Bowen Therapy, she’s able to heal much more than a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist. I highly recommend Theresa, and that you give Bowen Therapy a try. Thank you so much, Theresa!”
Elizabeth Harris, LPN – Age 27

“My initial complaint was sciatic pain that trips to the Chiropractor did not sort out. After the first Bowen treatment I was pain free. We have since been working on areas that have responded quite nicely. (Usually caused by an injury from horsemanship)”
G.H., Registered Nurse

“I went to Theresa after suffering with Whiplash from a car accident. Bowen has taken away the pain that I couldn’t get rid of with Physio, Chiro, or Acupuncture. It improves my sleep. Bowen has improved my flexibility and the amount and severity of headaches I have.”
Kristen Main, RN – Age 46

“I have had Bowen for 3 years and it has improved my sports because it makes my agility better and reduces risk of injury. Bowen reduces the amount of time I have with colds. It has improved my immune system and takes the cold away sooner.”
N.M., Student – Age 11

“I began Bowen Therapy over a year ago at the recommendation of 2 different friends who had this therapy for acute health issues. My issues are chronic in nature but after hearing their good results I decided to give it a try. I have found Bowen Therapy has given me hope that my life will improve and that I will find healing from chronic issues. For someone like me with many chronic problems, it’s not a quick fix, but I have found it to be so helpful. One or two of my issues fixed nearly right away and now we are working on the longer-term issues. I find my Bowen Therapist (Theresa) to be kind, helpful and intuitive as she chooses what moves will be best for me for different particular issues. I recommend Bowen whenever I see anyone who needs help. It’s been such a good choice for me.”
H.G., Age 54

“When I get a sports injury I ask my Mom to call Theresa. She always helps to heal my injury. She is like a female Jesus.”
Jaxson, Age 12

“I play a lot of sports and was very tight. The therapy has improved my flexibility and helps to reduce the pain when overusing muscles.”
L.R., Student – Age 17

“Bowen took away my heel pain + allowed me to toss my orthotics and resume my love of shoes. It also improved chronic lower back pain from scoliosis.”

“I first came to Bowen for help with shin splints and later a concussion, shoulder pain, loss of hearing and the list goes on and on. I have never had anyone treat nerve damage before, so I was surprised how most ailments were helped through treatments. One component that stood out to me was the foundation of Bowen on faith and prayer. Often a session will start with prayer and is successful because Theresa is used by God to heal. God bless the work she does!”
Neva Woods, Librarian – Age 66

“Due to various injuries throughout my life, weight lifting to extremes plus repetitive movements as a groomer I was becoming very arthritic and my muscles have shrunk causing me extreme stiffness, pain and loss of motion. I was very sceptical, but from my very first visit I was absolutely amazed with the results. I am back horse back riding, bending and even able to put on my socks while bending over. I still feel pain from my arthritis, but I have range of motion back plus not to mention my energy and well being has increased.”
Rhonda Labas

“After having my daughter two years ago I watched my body go from a healthy, full of energy, normal body to feeling like I was 80 years old and could hardly move without some form of pain. I tried everything I could think of to help my lower back pain, but nothing worked, especially long term. I heard of Theresa from a family member and decided to try Bowen Therapy. After just one session I could not believe the relief; I went from a daily #8-10 pain to almost completely pain free! Now after 5 sessions I am 95% better and feeling like a 24-year-old again. I no longer worry about standing or sitting too long, no more sleepless nights (from pain anyway). Truly I cannot say enough praise about Theresa and Bowen Therapy!!”
Rebecca Vandenbrink, Stay-at-home-Mom – Age 24

“When I have some sort of sports related injury I go to Bowen because I know that Theresa will help me to recover with the Bowen techniques she uses. She is the first person I call when I get an injury.”
C.B., Student – Age 15

“When I started seeing Theresa I hurt everywhere. I had a stabbing pain in my back. Shoulders that hurt and ached so much I couldn’t sleep. Hip pain and numb feet from diabetes. In the 18 months I have been coming to Theresa my back pain has disappeared, my shoulders no longer ache which allows me to sleep and I can once again carry heavy things without hurting. I have feeling in my feet again and an overall feeling of well being. I no longer feel the need to see a Chiropractor or desire Massages. Theresa’s caring and supportive nature have helped me on the road to healing and well being. Thank you.”
Donna Malyk, Caterer – Age 58