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On-Site Senior's Massage Therapy

The Benefits of Massage for Seniors

Life can take a toll, and for many people reaching their later years, the stresses, losses, and traumas that they have endured can have a very real mental, emotional, and physical impact. Massage therapy offers numerous benefits to bring comfort, and improve the quality of life, of those affected by the passing of time.

Studies show that massage therapy can help to maintain and improve overall health, especially in aging clients. In addition to relieving anxiety and reducing stress, massage therapy has been shown to increase circulation, combat depression, increase flexibility, reduce muscle stiffness, improve balance & posture, and reduce inflammation in the joints. It also treats many of the typical conditions that arise with age – such as contractures (a shortening of the muscle tissue), arthritis, strokes, diabetes, muscle and bone deterioration, tendonitis, bursitis, and respiratory problems.

Furthermore, the benefits of enjoying the simple pleasure of human touch and company for just a brief period of time is priceless for many lonely and depressed seniors. Careful massage can help provide the elderly with symptomatic relief and enable seniors to extend the vitality in their lives.

How is Senior’s Massage Different?

Senior’s massage does not differ greatly from regular massage. However, the techniques used must keep in mind that an aging body requires a little extra tenderness. Our specially trained geriatric massage therapists take great care in positioning elderly bodies and adapt massage techniques to accommodate frail and sensitive skin.

All of our treatments take place in the privacy of the resident’s own room with the client remaining fully clothed. When mobility is an issue, for example if the client is bound to a wheelchair, the massage therapist will administer the treatment to the client right in their chair. Our therapists are also able accommodate the treatment for bed-bound clients.

Geriatric massage practitioners often spend more time on the hands and feet of their clients – especially if the client does not walk or does not have full use of their hands. In cases such as these, a hand or foot massage can enhance body awareness, sensation, and circulation in certain parts of an aging body. Massage is especially beneficial to diabetic patients, focusing on the lower limbs to aid in circulation.

Did you know that massage therapy…?

  • Can help ease pain
  • Helps with depression
  • Can increase circulation
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Decreases muscular stiffness
  • Releases endorphins
  • Decreases inflammation in joints
  • Promotes mental awareness
  • Is comforting
  • Can be means of communication for Alzheimer patients & stroke sufferers
Treatments range from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending upon what the client or family desires to focus on. A 15-minute treatment is usually for relaxation and would benefit someone who has minimal pain and some stiffness. A 30-minute massage focuses on a few different areas of pain and stiffness, also helping with increased circulation. Longer treatments are beneficial for clients with larger areas of chronic pain and prolonged conditions of concern.

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Best of Health is pleased to offer our on-site Senior’s massage therapy services to the residents of the following care facilities:

Bethany Care – Airdrie

Luxstone Manor – Airdrie

Fletcher Village – Airdrie

Bethany Care – Cochrane

Big Hill Lodge – Cochrane

Chartwell Harbours Retirement Residence – Calgary NW

Rocky Ridge Retirement Community – Calgary NW

Scenic Acres – Calgary NW

Evanston Summit – Calgary NW

Shalem Society for Senior Citizens Care – Calgary SW

Swan Evergreen Village by Origin – Calgary SW


Westview Care Centre – Linden

Linden Lodge – Linden

Bethany Care – Sylvan Lake

Bethany CollegeSide – Red Deer

Bethany CollegeSide Gardens – Red Deer

Testimonials – Senior’s Massages

“Best of Health Massage Therapy has provided services to residents at Bethany CollegeSide and CollegeSide Gardens in Red Deer and Bethany Sylvan Lake for almost 3 years. Theresa’s therapist is professional and personable delivering exceptional services to our residents. Treatments are provided in the privacy of the resident’s room and the type and length of service is determined by an assessment by the therapist and in discussion with the resident and family. It is without question that I would recommend Best of Health Massage Therapy.”

Val Trotter

Administrator , Bethany Red Deer and Sylvan Lake

“Best of Health Massage has provided a great service to Westview Care Community since 2007. Theresa has done well with sending us qualified therapists. We have found that they are respectful to our residents and to the culture of our home. They are ready to work with us when we have requested changes. We would recommend Best of Health Massage as a service provider for any care home.”


Gideon Berniko

Managing Director , Westview Care Community