What Our Clients Say About Us

Foot Numbness

When I started seeing Theresa I hurt everywhere. My back pain disappeared, my shoulders no longer ache which allows me to sleep. I have feeling in my feet again. Theresa’s supportive nature has helped me on the road to healing.

Donna Malyk

Mental Well-Being

My husband, both our children and I have been seeing Theresa for years. She has treated us for concussions, tailbone injuries, anxiety, joint pain, headaches, and digestion issues. Each visit feels like a treat for our mental well-being. We are so grateful!

Amy Baxter

Playing With Kids Again

Theresa listened to what my “pain” points were and walked me through her plan to get me where I need to be. Bowen has given me the ability to move pain free and be able to play with my kids!

Eryn Lamoureux

Bowen therapy is an amazing technique that works on nerve re-patterning. The first time i had it done I had a swollen knee that I could barely walk with. After one treatment I was back in action albeit not at full capacity. It is fantastic for disrupting adaptive dysfunctional patterns in our bodies so that the body can self heal. Theresa is an amazing therapist and I would highly recommend her.

Torill Myre

Chronic Migraines

I am someone who struggles with chronic migraines. Theresa cared about getting to the root of the issue. After a few sessions the frequency of the headaches have gone down quite drastically. It feels like night and day.

Mike Teskey

Never Too Late

Bowen has given me back my life. I am free from chronic pain and the worry of living out my life depressed and immobile. Theresa fixed a 30-year-old problem – It’s never too late! My husband told me he has his wife back.

Doreen Thibeault

Theresa and the Bowen treatment are amazing. Back pain gone! Cortisone injections gone! I feel fantastic. Theresa is so kind and caring. She truly wants you to feel 100%. She knows what it’s like to be in pain! She’s been there! I would highly recommend Theresa as well as the Bowen treatment.

Deb Mytruk

Very informative. Theresa takes the time to explain everything to you as well as taking the time to learn in great depth what the patients issues are that need to be dealt with. It was a fantastic experience and I very much look forward to my next visit.

Matt Harron

I have been getting treatments from Theresa for a few years now and with regular visits; it has been the best thing I’ve tried to keep my anxiety in check and symptoms from colitis to a minimum. I highly recommend her.

Joshua John